A Moment to Savor

IMG_0343.jpeg fog.jpeg

It was one of those mornings when the fog creeps up from Savage Gulf and enshrouds the plateau.  Such ethereal grayness demands a stillness & a deep looking even though we can only see a few yards out.  How I love these winter views with the bare limbed trees silhouetted against the soft fog.  On this particular morning there was a plumped up bird, perhaps a wren of some sort, sitting on a limb near our living room window.  It’s fluffed up roundness was a stark contrast to the sharp edges of its perch. Suddenly I felt an urge to capture the image and reached for my phone, but in that moment of looking away the bird took off to another branch further out.  Still determined, I adjusted the image to try and catch the bird. Just as I did the bird flitted off out of sight.  I sighed chiding myself for missing the shot, but more importantly the moment.  The bird left with yet another reminder to be still and present. Moments such as these cannot be captured only savored.   ~c.h.

© Catherine Hause